Rodelle Inc: Bringing Taste & Innovation to Food

Rodelle Inc. is a company that strives for perfection. We believe in giving our consumers the highest quality products possible as well excellent customer service. To do that, we provide the highest quality ingredients from premier sources all over the world. We have spent over two decades developing innovative products that make good food even better.

We provide spices, flavors, and proprietary blends for food service distributors, manufacturers, retailers, and restaurants around the globe. We have developed three brands that are essential to the success of our company and consumers.  

We provide a brand that meets every need from big-time distributors to a newly beginning chef in the kitchen. We work toward perfection and only produce the highest quality products possible. We also deeply believe in customer care, so for any further questions or comments, please contact us!

Our Brands


Custom Blending

Our Custom Blending Brand creates innovate flavorings, vanillas, spices, seasonings, proprietary blends, and private label programs. Founded in 1984, the partners pledged to “conduct business with the highest degree of ethics and integrity and to provide consistent, uncompromising quality and outstanding service.” Our quality products and superior service have made us an industry leader. As Custom Blending moves into the future, that pledge still guides our work on a daily basis. Superior service and great taste is what we deliver, every day. 


Our Rodelle Brand has been passionate about the baking world for over 75 years. Rodelle has developed superior baking extracts; gourmet baking cocoas, pure vanillas, and gourmet spice blends with unrivaled flavor. Our Rodelle brand uses quality ingredients to produce the best possible flavors for all of your culinary adventures. At Rodelle, quality comes first.

Harmony Valley Foods

Our last brand is Harmony Valley Foods. HV strives to create revolutionary and versatile products for vegan, vegetarians, and the like, using plant based protein. HV’s products include Vegetarian Mix, Hamburger Mix, and Hummus. All of which are shelf stable and promote a positive healthy lifestyle without negative environmental impact.